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North America Dominates amiibo Sales, Most Popular Figures Revealed


North America Dominates amiibo Sales, Most Popular Figures Revealed

Is your favorite on the list of most popular?

During a live blog session today where Nintendo announced their first mobile gameamong other things, Nintendo also shed some light on worldwide amiibo sales. Most notably, we found out what we already knew: North America REALLY like amiibo.


Blue: NA, Red: Japan, Green: Europe. Photo credit: @Amiibo Alerts

In their most recent sales update shown above, North America has accounted for somewhere between 56% and 66% of worldwide amiibo sales. Europe is somewhere in the low twenties. And surprinsgly, Japan only hovers slightly above 10%. While population numbers obviously have to factor in here, it is surprising to see Japan so far behind both North America and European regions. But again, when you consider the United States’ large population coupled with crazed we are for them, it shouldn’t be a complete shock to not only see North America in first, but with such a huge piece of the pie too.

We also got a peek at the most popular amiibo figures in each region. Let’s see what we can gather from it:


OK so Europe shares North America’s love of Link where he sits atop the list. While in Japan, Link resides in 4th place. Kirby is far more popular in Japan than in other regions (Kirby doesn’t even make the top ten in North America).

What’s also interesting is that Japan seems to rep classic Mario more than everyone else. In Japan, people opt for either regular old Mario (Super Mario series) or the 30th Anniversary figures, over the the Super Smash Bros. versions of the classic plumber. But at the end of the day, everyone loves Mario.

On a personal note: I’m shocked that Yoshi isn’t anywhere on the top 10 in North America considering I’ve never played Mario Party/Mario Kart and not had at least two people fight over Yoshi. Perhaps Yoshi’s Wooly World late release in the United States is to blame for that one. Finally, whats with Pikachu not being on the Japan top 10? Is everyone over Pokemon and on to the next now? Maybe so.

What are your takeaways from all this amiibo news? Let us know in the comments.

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