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Nomura Talks Disney, Engine Changes and More in Kingdom Hearts III Interview


Nomura Talks Disney, Engine Changes and More in Kingdom Hearts III Interview

But will Kingdom Hearts III have three playable characters?

Kingdom Hearts fans itching for more information about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III will be happy to hear that earlier today, series creator Tetsuya Nomura revealed more information about the game’s development and Disney’s involvement in an interview with GamesTM.

According to Tetsuya Nomura, Kingdom Hearts as a series is something that “can’t be accomplished by just Disney” and that he wasn’t sure if fans would enjoy the series as much if he left the series to just Disney. When asked during the interview if Disney had stopped them from doing anything, he noted that while “anything unique to Kingdom Hearts hasn’t been a source of disagreement from Disney”, that hasn’t stopped them from occasionally asking them to give a lighter tone or “happy ending” to a story they were writing.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Allerton Ave (6)

The interviewer also asked Nomura about the fact that Kingdom Hearts skipped the last console generation. According to Nomura, it wasn’t actually their intention to skip a console generation, it was just that Nomura didn’t have a chance to start on it and that “other key developers were working on other projects.” He also noted that they needed time to prepare to work on a game as big as Kingdom Hearts III and that “it just happened that this preparation took the life cycle of the PS3.”

During the interview, Nomura was also asked about how hard was it to change to a new game engine and about the new battle system. He noted that at the time of the change of game engines, the team had to start from scratch and that they also had to make a lot of adjustments so they could get their “Kingdom Hearts-specific shader” to work on the new engine.


On the gameplay front, Nomura revealed that the new Keyblade transformations are due to a plot point where Sora has gone through ” a test of mastery “. He also states that while there are “many” bold new gameplay mechanics thanks to the new engine, he also believes that these new mechanics couldn’t have happened without the spinoffs. In his own words:

There have been many bold additions to Kingdom Hearts III in combat and those are only possible because we have access to the better hardware but it hasn’t necessarily been things I couldn’t have done then. It’s more that I learned from the experiments of the spin-offs.

Finally when asked if Kingdom Hearts III will have three playable characters, Nomura explained that he couldn’t reveal anything at the moment but that “maybe, something will happen there.”

So what do you think of what Tetsuya Nomura revealed in this interview? Let us know in the comments below.

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