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Nintendo Is Revealing its First Smartphone Game Tomorrow


Nintendo Is Revealing its First Smartphone Game Tomorrow

The start of a bright future for Nintendo?

Nintendo is set to unveil its first video game for smartphones tomorrow, following reports of its weak financial figures in the first half of this fiscal year.

In a statement following financial figures stating that Nintendo has posted an operating profit of ¥8.98 billion ($74.6 million) in the April- September period, the gaming giants revealed that on Wednesday it will give an update on its smartphone game project. Nintendo’s new chief executive Tatsumin Kimishima has been quoted by the Wall Street Journal stating, “We will provide updates on our project with DeNA tomorrow.” This step into the smartphone market will of course be the result of the recent partnership with the popular Japanese smartphone game developer, DeNA.

While no other information was given as to what exactly the smartphone game could be, last month Nintendo announced, and subsequently released the trailer for Pokémon Go, answering all of our wishes to be a real life Pokémon trainer. Whether or not this could be a further update with regards to this project, or a completely new game remains unclear. However, with Nintendo planning to release its first game for smart devices with DeNA by the end of the year, and a total of five by March 2017, it seems due time for another reveal.

The financial figures previously mentioned don’t bode well once again for Nintendo. While the ¥8.98 billion operating profit from April- September is an improvement from the ¥215 million loss last year, it still fell below the analysts average expected profit of ¥14.4 billion. Nintendo will be hoping that next year’s ventures into the smartphone games market will produce further improvements in these figures, and with the expected official unveil of the NX rumored to be next year, 2016 could be a return to form for the Kyoto- based company.

The update on the smartphone project will come during Nintendo’s briefing with its investors on strategy for the next half of the fiscal year and beyond on Thursday. In case you’re wondering, the reason dates may seem off is due to time zones. The update on the mobile game will take place at 10am Tokyo time on 29th October, 1am UK, 2am CET, 6pm Pacific time, and 9pm Eastern time on 28th October.

What do you think the project could be? Let us know in the comments below.

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