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Nintendo Drops Out of the Top 100 Global Brands


Nintendo Drops Out of the Top 100 Global Brands

For the first time in 11 years.

For the first time since 2004, Nintendo has failed to place in Interbrand’s top 100 Global Brands ranking. Their decline through the top 100 global brands has been relatively steady since they first started placing:

  • 2004 – 46th
  • 2005 – 50th
  • 2006 – 51st
  • 2007 – 44th
  • 2008 – 40th
  • 2009 – 39th
  • 2010 – 38th
  • 2011 – 48th
  • 2012 – 56th
  • 2013 – 67th
  • 2014 – 100th
  • 2015 – No Placement

Interbrand looks at certain factors to determine the brand’s value. How the brand contributes to profits for the company and their general performance are rated highly in the ranking. Interbrand, perhaps, looked at Nintendo’s inability to shape with the times and adapt as reason to drop the brand out of the running. In 2014, when Nintendo placed last, this was what was said on the brand:

“Nintendo continues to provide safe fun for families, but has not remained relevant to the smart world gamers who now demand edgier entertainment.

“Wii U, the brand’s biggest launch for several years, has suffered from weak sales since its birth in 2012, largely attributed to the limited number of games offer, as well as market dynamics. After three years of decline, Nintendo is yet to clearly articulate how it will respond to the challenge of smart devices and the prevailing free-to-play games model.”

“Nintendo’s amiibo is a collectable figurine line with built-in memory that was created to encourage shared gaming experiences between real friends, rather than those of the virtual variety. However, Nintendo is effectively playing catch-up with a market already crowded with similar products like Activision’s Skylanders and Disney Infinity.”

By Interbrand’s standards, Nintendo failed to improve in those aspects since then. However, while they may not have placed in the ranking for global brands, it’s 8th in the ranking of Japan’s brands, below Uniqlo and above Lexus.

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