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New Just Cause 3 Contest Wants You to Make the Launch Trailer


New Just Cause 3 Contest Wants You to Make the Launch Trailer

So, can you make Just Cause 3’s official launch trailer?

Square Enix and Avalanche Studio’s has launched a new Just Cause 3 contest, where they want fans to make the game’s official launch trailer for the chance to win $5000 worth of prizes.

Each submission must be around 1 or 2 minutes in length and can be either an “animated trailer, a live action movie by you and your friends or an action-packed gameplay trailer made using the Just Cause 3 gameplay footage provided.” Entrants must also be from eligible countries which means that fans from Tasmania and Quebec are out of luck.

The closing date for the contest is Nov 12, 2015 at 23:59 GMT, after which the trailers will be judged by both Square Enix and Avalanche Studio’s in the categories of best action, best use of audio and best humor. The overall winner of the contest will win $5,000 worth of prizes which include an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro Guitar, a collectors edition of Just Cause 3, and the chance for your trailer to be made the official Just Cause 3 trailer. There will also be some prizes for the winners of the best action, best use and the best humor categories.

On the contest’s official page, Square Enix also provided links for a trailer version of the Steam Cakewalk digital audio workstation and the Just Cause 3 creative kits so all fans can get started.

This isn’t the first contest that Square Enix has held for Just Cause 3. Back in August, Square Enix held a contest where the prize was an actual island.

So what do you think of the news that Square Enix and Avalanche Studio’s want you to create the Just Cause 3 trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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