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New Destiny Cheat Is Giving Hunters Infinite Super


New Destiny Cheat Is Giving Hunters Infinite Super

All arrows, all day.

Hunters in Destiny are pretty deadly, especially thanks to the Nightstalker subclass’s Shadowshot Super. How does one make an arrow made out of pure energy even worse for anyone on the receiving end? Make it infinite, of course!

This cheat (and it is a cheat, not just an extra skill you can learn) is pretty easy to exploit in PvP. First, you have to get and wear the exotic helmet Graviton Forfeit. Then, entering the options menu while the timer is active will reset the super. Instead of the standard three arrows that come with the Nightstalker subclass, a Hunter will have endless arrows. Don’t get used to this cheat for long, though; Bungie’s surely going to swiftly punish anyone who exploits it and make sure it doesn’t go on.

In response to player concerns that the bug would interfere with the upcoming Trials of Osiris, Bungie Community Manager DeeJ responded, “I’m investigating on a few fronts right now. More to come!”

Have you been on the receiving end of the infinite Super glitch in Destiny’s PvP? Let us know in the comments below.

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