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Konami Unveils a New Bomberman in Japan to iOS/Android


Konami Unveils a New Bomberman in Japan to iOS/Android

Just when you thought the fuse fizzled out with this series…

The shining star of the now defunct development studio of Hudson Soft will makes an appearance on mobile devices. Coming to Japan in Winter of this year, Taisen! Bomberman is developed by Konami.

Unveiled by Famitsu, it’s your standard Bomberman gameplay made for multiplayer competitive play. The biggest draw in this Bomberman game is the cross-platform play between the top two operating devices. Android and iOS players can battle each other in Taisen! Bomberman’s cross-platform play.

Up to four live players can be played between the two self-explanatory modes of Online Battle and Friend Battle. Those straying away from multiplayer will be factored in as well. Single Battle mode allows one player to clear 100 different stages testing the player on their Bomb throwing/kicking/avoiding/trapping techniques.

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Taisen! Bomberman requires updates Android 4.4 and iOS 7 or later on both operating systems. Those in Japan can sign up for pre-registration of Taisen! Bomberman on its official site. Again, the app will only release in Japan unless Konami expands it internationally to more territories.


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