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Mythbusters Will End Next Year, and It’s Going Out “With a Bang”


Mythbusters Will End Next Year, and It’s Going Out “With a Bang”

Expect explosions. Lots of them.

After 14 seasons, 248 episodes, and 2,950 experiments, Discovery’s hit science show Mythbusters is coming to a close. While it may be an upset for most fans, stars Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman have known for quite some time.

“We knew it at the beginning of 2015,” Savage told Entertainment Weekly. “So we’ve been filming the last season episodes all year long. I can tell you I’ve been going through all the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross stages of grief – anger, acceptance, denial – it’s all been happening.”

The final season, set to begin Jan 9, will be Savage and Hyneman’s final hoorah, and they’re planning “to go out with a bang, as everyone would expect.” We already know next season will see the team blow up a cement truck with 10,000 pounds of explosives, and use a steam implosion to crush a train tanker. Aside from the show’s trademark destruction in the name of science, though, we’re sure to see a rousing end for the Mythbusters team.

“When we construct the final season list of stories, our guiding principle was what are the iconic categories that fans of Mythbusters that should not be ignored in the final season,” said Savage. “We really tried to address each one of those. The series finale is pretty amazing. I wanted Jamie and I to wake up to Suzanne Pleshette afterwards, but we did find a way to say goodbye.”

Adam and Jamie have their famous differences, but the duo said they’re appreciative of their time with the show, and proud of the way they opened up science to the world. Though they claim they aren’t likely to be working together much in the future, they will be embarking on a final Mythbusters Live tour starting in November. You can catch tickets here.

Are you ready to see the dynamic science duo take their leave? Let us know in the comments below.

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