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Mysterious Ubisoft Announcement Coming Soon


Mysterious Ubisoft Announcement Coming Soon

What could it be….

Seemingly out of nowhere, French developer/publisher Ubisoft is about to announce something. What is that, you’re wondering? We have no idea.

Right now, their YouTube page just shows a drawing of (presumably) a man seemingly covered in fur and holding a spear and bow. One could reasonably think that this means a caveman class is coming to For Honor, the game they’re working on that combines various historical characters to duke it out. Then again, it could also be something related to Far Cry, their open world survival series; the tagline for this mystery project is “survival is timeless”. Maybe we’ll be doing the Far Cry thing in prehistoric times?

We’ll keep an eye out for the announcement, but for now, why don’t you tell us what Ubisoft could be announcing in the comments below?

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