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Metal Gear Online – What Is a Buddy Link and How to Use it


Metal Gear Online – What Is a Buddy Link and How to Use it

Best Friends for the Rest of This Match

In Metal Gear Online, you and your team must win against your enemies in various online game modes. A feature you may instantly see is the “Buddy Link” one. Check out your teammates when you enter the match and you’ll see one in particular with a stick figure icon. This is considered your buddy. They’re basically your MGO BFF for this match.

Holding R3 down and saluting them makes the circle around the icon build up over time. You can also fill this by just generally hanging around each other as you run around the match. Once full, this allows you to see what they’re looking at, get the option to spawn next to your buddy if you die, and teleport to their location through a wormhole that’s able to generate over time.

If you find that you don’t like the buddy you get, by the way, you can hold R3 next to someone else and cheat on your new friend. If someone else salutes back at you, you’ll have gracefully thrown mad shade.

So there you have it, a useful little feature of MGO that lets you take your friendship with online strangers to the next level. Let us know any funny buddy related situations you got yourself into in the comments below!

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