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4 Inventive Metal Gear Online Modes We Want to See


4 Inventive Metal Gear Online Modes We Want to See

The wacky, the chaotic, the weird? Here are four hypothetical game modes we totally want in Metal Gear Online.


Quiet vs boxes 2

Time: Four Three-Minute Rounds (12 Minutes in Total)
Victory: Elimination of All Diamond Dog Soldiers or Stunned Quiet
Players: Quiet vs. Seven Diamond Dog Soldiers in Boxes
Classes: No
Respawning: No
Friendly Fire: No

Premise: Diamond Dog soldiers provoked Quiet to the point of retribution. Quiet murders one soldier out of anger and resides in a Mother Base warehouse littered in identical, empty boxes awaiting her attackers. Being tremendous fans of Big Boss, Diamond Dog soldiers utilize cardboard boxes to inch their way toward Quiet.

The boxer team wins by tranquilizing Quiet in the head. The trouble is the boxer team starts far away from Quiet and must close the gap between them for a clear shot. If a boxer player moves, the surrounding boxes move as well due to the proximity. Boxer players can take a risk and slide out of their starting box closer to Quiet; the cost of such an act means the player will stand exposed as they seek out another box.

Quiet must eliminate every enemy to win. No special gear to find players is involved. One sniper shot eliminates the boxed player. Boxer players can see where the Quiet player targets, meaning accuracy from the Quiet player is a must.

In-Game Meta: This lends itself to a great challenge. Boxers either push forward near the front to aim easily at Quiet, or you take the other risk of aiming further away, taking longer to line up the shot. Again, it’s a team-based mode. The boxed team can work together to deceive and distract Quiet to win.

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