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Play Leon, an Adventure Game Designed Exclusively for Twitter


Play Leon, an Adventure Game Designed Exclusively for Twitter

Twitter is hard work, play a fun game instead.

These days, most of us have several ways to play games. Even if it’s just a smartphone and home console, it’s easier than ever to start playing a game wherever you are. Now pixel artist Leon Chang has turned social media into a gaming platform by creating an adventure game that you can only play on Twitter.

The game Leon is composed of custom sprite art displayed across several connected Twitter accounts. It’s reminiscent of choose your own adventure books in presentation, with lots of branching paths and a few dead ends. There are some secrets and endings that are worth taking the time to seek out.

This game works best on Twitter’s standard website, so click the tweet below and you can start the game for yourself. After that, let us know in the comments what other kinds of games could work in this unique format.

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