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Kingkiller Chronicle Book Series Is Getting the Video Game Treatment


Kingkiller Chronicle Book Series Is Getting the Video Game Treatment

Gee, I wonder what this’ll be about…

Licensed properties becoming games is becoming more of a thing now thanks to successful adaptations of Game of Thrones and Walking Dead. Now joining that bandwagon is Patrick Rothfuss’ best-selling series The Kingkiller Chronicle, courtesy of a deal between Rothfuss and Lionsgate. Lionsgate was lucky enough to beat out MGM, Fox, and Universal for the rights, and Rothfuss explains why Lionsgate won out:

“Honestly, I’ve never been very interested in a straight-up movie deal. But Lionsgate was willing to work out something different, a multiplatform deal where they develop the films, TV series, and games simultaneously. That will give us the screen time to develop the characters and show off the world. What’s more, through this whole process, they’ve treated me with amazing respect. I never thought a studio would approach me as a creative partner who understands how stories work.”

This isn’t the first time Lionsgate has gotten into gaming. Earlier this year, they announced they were working with Gearbox for a film adaptation of their Borderlands series, and they’re working with Payday developer Starbreeze to develop a game based on their hit film John Wick.

The Kingkiller Chronicle tells the tale of Kvothe, a man with, you guessed it, magical abilities. A present day Kvothe recounts his journey to becoming a powerful magician to someone called the Chronicler. With a sequel and three novellas, the series has gone on to sell over 10 million copies.

How do you think Kingkiller Chronicle will do as a video game? Let us know in the comments below.

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