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Here’s Every Fallout 4 Pre-order Bonus, Bundle and Special Edition Available


Here’s Every Fallout 4 Pre-order Bonus, Bundle and Special Edition Available

There’s way more than one way to buy Fallout 4.

There’s a lot of ways to buy Fallout 4, and while war may never change, the feeling of irreparable regret from picking the wrong pre-order bonus can. So here’s a roundup of Fallout 4’s special editions, bundles and pre-order bonuses to help you out.

Pip-Boy Edition

These sold out almost instantly. Coming across one a Pip-Boy Edition at a retailer would be like happening upon a pack of unicorns playing poker with Santa Claus, and also Benjamin Franklin is there.

On the other hand, Bethesda did put the Pip-Boy Edition back up for sale for just a few hours yesterday, so keep an eye out. This collectible set comes with a Pip-Boy replica, a Pip-Boy pocket guide, the Vault-Tec Perk Poster, and Power Armor Collectible Packaging. Oh, also the game. Fallout 4 is there too.

Fallout 4 Mighty Bundle

This offer comes exclusively from Mighty Ape, a New Zealand online retailer that would be happy to ship internationally should your love of Fallout prove strong enough to cross oceans.

For $119.99 (plus everyone’s favorite: international shipping costs) you’ll get the game, a Fallout Vault Boy Pop! Vinyl figure, a Vault-Tec Perk Poster, and a 96-page hard cover History of Fallout book.

Fallout 4 Gold Bundle

Available from Best Buy, the Fallout 4 Gold Bundle comes with Fallout 4 on either PS4 or Xbox One, the Fallout 4 Season Pass, and Vault Boy socks. You heard me, socks. Because while not everyone may want a T-shirt or poster, we all have feet.

Mister Handy Dota 2 Announcer Pack

Pre-order Fallout 4 on Steam to receive the exclusive Mister Handy Dota 2 announcer pack.  This is a limited time offer, and the pack is expected to become available mid-November.

steam preorder mister handy dota 2 bonus

Access to the Enter the Vault Sweepstakes

Pre-order Fallout 4 at a participating US retailer, enter a special code or a photo of your receipt on the official Fallout Facebook page, and gain entry to the Enter the Vault Sweepstakes.

There’s tons of prize tiers, with the grand prizes including a trip to Boston, Pip-Boys, a custom Xbox One Fallout 4 console, the Fallout Anthology, the Fallout 4 Season Pass, ‘Welcome Home’ T-Shirts, and Fallout 4 Patches.

Great War 2015 T-Shirt

Pre-order Fallout 4 from the Bethesda store before Monday, October 26 and get a free Great War 2015 T-Shirt. Just apply the discount in your shopping cart and this dyed assemblage of cloth could be yours.

fallout 4 great war shirt store preorder bonus free

Vault-Tec Perk Poster

Pre-order a physical copy of Fallout 4 (for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC) and get a physical Vault-Tec Perk Poster featuring all 70 perks. This bonus will be available from multiple retailers while supplies last.

Not too long ago, we took a crack at deciphering the perk tree using nothing but clues from the poster. It was far from enlightening.

Fallout 3

You’ll get a free download of Fallout 3 if you pre-order Fallout 4 for Xbox One. This is a limited time offer, with no real info on how long the offer will last. If you pre-order Fallout 4 from the Xbox Store, you’ll get a Fallout 3 code sent within 7-10 days. If you pre-order from a retailer, you’ll get your Fallout 3 code when you pick up your physical copy.

Custom Fallout 4 Xbox One Faceplate

Pre-order the Xbox One 1TB Fallout 4 Bundle from GameStop and get an exclusive custom Fallout 4 Xbox One console faceplate. It looks like this:

Fallout 4 Xbox One Custom Exclusive GameStop Faceplate preorder bonus


Xbox One 1TB Fallout 4 Bundle

If you have a severe aversion to receiving free GameStop faceplates, you can always pick up a regular Xbox One 1TB Fallout 4 Bundle at a variety of retailers for $399.

Black Friday Dell Bundle

This Thanksgiving, Dell is offering a 500GB Xbox One bundle that comes with a physical copy of Fallout 4, an extra controller, a Gears of War: Ultimate Edition download, and a 3.5mm headset, all for $299.99. It’s kind of insane.

The set boasts a market value of $469.99, and will be available in “limited quantities” starting November 26 at 6PM EST.

Which bunch of preorder goodies will you be bagging with your Fallout 4 purchase? Let us know in the comments below!

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