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Here Are the Faces and Voices of the Uncharted Collection Cast


Here Are the Faces and Voices of the Uncharted Collection Cast

The true treasure is in the talented cast.

Nolan North

nolan north

Nolan North may have been in plenty of games before Uncharted, but his first appearance in Drake’s Fortune is what got him the spotlight. In addition to being Assassin’s Creed’s Desmond Miles, North has also voiced the Male Hero in Fable 2, the Prince of Persia in the 2008 reboot, Deadpool in various Marvel games, Penguin in the Batman Arkham games, himself in Saints Row IV (no, really, that’s how his voice option is listed), and the Ghost in Destiny. Outside of games, he’s voiced Superman and Superboy in Young Justice and Raphael in the 2007 Ninja Turtles film.

Emily Rose

emily rose

Perhaps best known in the lead role of Audrey Parker on SyFy’s Haven, Rose voices Drake’s on again off again girlfriend, Elena Fisher. Aside from Haven and Uncharted, Rose had mostly guest roles on shows like Without a Case, Jericho, and ER while having recurring roles on USA’s Graceland and NBC’s ER.

Richard McGonagle


McGonagle is no stranger to voice acting. Besides playing Victor Sullivan in the Uncharted games, he’s voiced Bato in Avatar, multiple aliens in the Ben 10 franchise, King Endrin in Dragon Age Origins, and Carrey O’Key in Regular Show. Some old TV watchers may remember him as Bill Weckerle in the 21 Jump Street TV show.

Claudia Black


Perhaps best known for her role on Farscape as Aeryn Sun and Vala Mal Doran on Stargate SG-1, Claudia Black first joined the Uncharted cast with Among Thieves in 2009 as Drake’s other love interest Chloe Frazier. She’s been in other games like the Dragon Age franchise as Morrigan, Sam in Gears of War 3, Shadow of Mordor’s Queen Marwen, and Diablo 3’s Cydaea. Currently, she’s on The CW’s The Originals as Dahlia and on Containment as Sabine Lommers.

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