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Halo Spartans Dance to Settle the Battle of Red vs Blue


Halo Spartans Dance to Settle the Battle of Red vs Blue


There have been plenty of battles over the history of gaming. Bowser vs. Mario, PS2 vs. Xbox, Samus vs. Master Chief. Microsoft is no stranger to battles themselves, but now they’re having one of their own, and it’s one that predates even gaming itself. It is the ultimate battle of…red vs blue.

As Halo Live, a six-hour live broadcast leading up to the release of Halo 5 kicks off, Microsoft released a video showing Spartans dressed in the two primary colors facing off in an epic dance battle. Despite their rather bulky MJOLNIR armor, the Spartan-IVs sure as hell know how to dance.

Suddenly, I want the next Halo game to have dance emotes like Destiny. Would you like to see that in the next game? Plan on watching the Halo Live livestream before grabbing your copy tonight? Let us know in the comments below.

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