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Halo 5 Single-Use Req Cards Can Last Multiple Matches, Maybe Not Intentionally


Halo 5 Single-Use Req Cards Can Last Multiple Matches, Maybe Not Intentionally

Equip your XP and Req boost cards… right now!

Halo 5’s huge new multiplayer is live, and players have already stumbled upon a handy little trick for boosting XP and Req points that may or may not be intentional.

Both Halo 5’s Warzone and Arena modes have become big hit with fans, and many people have been purchasing and opening Req packs to bolster their Spartan’s arsenal. Inside some Req packs, players can find single-use boost cards to increase the amount of Req Points or XP that they earn. However, it seems to be that some fans are learning that these boost cards aren’t expiring at the end of a round as they expected. Instead, they remain active until the player leaves the lobby. I tested the single-use duration during my own play, and the anomaly was corroborated by many other Halo 5 players.

Other single use cards, such as the power weapon, power vehicle and power-up cards, only last a single match. Whether the XP & Req boost cards are supposed to function the same way is uncertain, but we’re not complaining. Considering all the other single-use cards get discarded straight away once they’ve been equipped, it does seem rather odd these last for the duration of the lobby.

Whether this is their intentional effect or not, this could be incredibly handy to all players out there who are after leveling up or earning a ton of extra Req points to purchase more of the packs containing these cards; best get equipping.

Have you been playing Halo 5: Guardians? Got stuck into the online multiplayer yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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