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Halo 5 is Bringing Back Forge Mode


Halo 5 is Bringing Back Forge Mode

Who wants to build some maps?!

Back when Halo 3 released in 2007, Bungie introduced the Forge mode. It was a map maker that allowed players to alter the terrain of multiplayer levels and add their own vehicles, weapons, and filters. It ended up being a great addition to the series, and it’s coming back and better than ever for Halo 5: Guardians.

In a blog post, 343 talked about how they wanted to take a “giant leap forward with Forge”. To that end, they got five community Forgers and took them to their offices so they could get acquainted with the new tools. Each Forgers worked on a map over the course of a week and provided feedback to the developers. Here’s some of what you can expect:

  • Controls for Forge have been completely revamped in Halo 5 so players won’t have to be reaching for buttons all the time. In real time, there’s a contextual control helper that helps players see what each input does. There’s a beginner setting for new Forgers, advanced for those who’ve got some experience, and an option to turn the helper off if they want to go solo.
  • Users will be able to select up to 64 individual items at one time (more if they’re grouped).
  • Magnets no longer snap objects while moving them around, instead drawing connection lines between them. They’ll snap when the input is released.

Forge mode will arrive in December, then go on as a free service for the game, where 343 will take community feedback and deliver new features and content on a consistent basis. What do you plan on making first? Let us know in the comments below.

Halo 5: Guardians hits the Xbox One on October 27. And it’s officially gone gold!

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