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Guild Wars 2 Is Getting a New eSports Pro League


Guild Wars 2 Is Getting a New eSports Pro League

Guild Wars 2 is getting a Pro League with a $400,000 USD jackpot.

Earlier today, ArenaNet announced that Guild Wars 2 will be embracing eSports with its brand new and inclusive Pro League.

Working in collaboration with Electronic Sports League, the Guild Wars 2 Pro League will see 8 teams from North America and Europe competing for a prize pool of $400,000 USD over two “action-packed” seven week seasons. These matches will lead up to the finals, where the top two teams from North America and Europe will compete against each other and both teams are guaranteed at least part of the prize pool. Out of these 8 teams, four of them will be available to any players in an open qualifier, while the other 4 spots are reserved for “World Tournament Series finalists and high-ranking teams from the October Go4GuildWars2 Cups.”


For Guild Wars 2 players interested in taking part, ArenaNet has stated that they want to make the Pro League as competitive as possible, so they’ve lowered the age rating to sixteen and players don’t need to be citizens of “any particular country” in order to take part. ArenaNet will also be releasing balances around two weeks before each session to stabilize the metagame.

According to Joshua Davis and John Corpening on the Guild Wars 2 website, “The ESL Guild Wars 2 Pro League is a momentous occasion in the evolution and growth of Guild Wars 2 as a competitive game. We’d like to thank all of our players, shoutcasters, admins, analysts, and everyone in our amazing community for making this possible. We can’t wait to see where this goes, and we look forward to seeing you during our first season.”

So what do you think of the news that Guild Wars 2 getting a Pro League? Let us know in the comments below.

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