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Get Your Own Personalized Gaming Recommendations with This Survey


Get Your Own Personalized Gaming Recommendations with This Survey

For those who just can’t decide.

Ever wanted to get some solid recommendations for a new video game, but none of your friends are into the same stuff as you are? Well, there’s a site that takes a bunch of your information through a relatively brief survey to figure out exactly what kind of gamer you are and provide a personalized list of recommendations.

This is all done through an website called Quantic Foundry and they have gathered a ton of information from gamers all over the world to find like-minded individuals for you so that they can get as close to a solid recommendation as possible. Just plug in your favorite games, answer a few questions regarding your preferences, and let Quantic Foundry’s algorithms do all the heavy lifting for you.

The questions range from your favorite games, to average weekly playtime, and even down to how important the act of customizing an in game character is.

Do you plan on giving this survey a try? Let us know in the comments below.

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