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Gaze Upon Darth Vader’s Mighty Star Wars Battlefront Ride


Gaze Upon Darth Vader’s Mighty Star Wars Battlefront Ride

Is that who we think it is?

You would think that Darth Vader, arguably the most popular Sith lord in the universe, would be able to get around with ease when on the battlefield. There is absolutely no way that the dark lord could possibly need assistance from some technology to dominate the field. It turns out that Star Wars Battlefront proves that whole notion wrong. Darth Vader, just like any other sane person, likes to get around the battlefield without wasting his energy. He just does it with a bit more style than most of us.

Just check out this short vid posted to Reddit by user RealityMachina. While everyone else is busy getting blasted or running around on foot (peasants) Darth Vader is taking a stroll through the battlefield on the back of a AT-ST walker like a boss. Who needs a space fighter when you can use pretty much anything that moves as a valiant steed? Being the leader of the Empire must be great.

Don’t you wish you could pull this off in the middle of battle? Let us know in the comments below.

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