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This Year’s Spookiest, Cutest, and All around Best Gaming Halloween Costumes


This Year’s Spookiest, Cutest, and All around Best Gaming Halloween Costumes

Spooky or cute, all these costumes are great.

Ah, Halloween. That special time of year when it’s completely normal and widely accepted to cosplay outside the confines of a convention hall. Every year brings new and exciting costumes from gamers the world over looking to bag the most candy, win the best dressed contest, or just show off their creative flair. These are some of the best video game-related costumes from this Halloween.

They may not know each other, but this little Ellie and Joel from The Last of Us make quite an adorable pair.

Here’s an awesome example of tiny, pixel Shovel Knight, as well as the taller, smoother box art version.

Who wore Link better? The boy or the dog?

Of course cats can dress up too. I mean, what cat? All I see is a Gyarados.

You’ll be a hero at your party whether you’re Zer0 or Sub-Zero.

Voice actors like Matthew Mercer enjoy taking part as well, with an on-point Geralt getup.

Of course Halloween would be incomplete without a few scares, like from this clever Monokuma or the horde of Vault Boys. Truly creepy, that one.

We’ve seen cute and scary, now prepare for feel other emotions with this Satoru Iwata costume tribute.

Did you dress up as your favorite video game character for Halloween? Share your costume in the comments!

Zak is a Staff Writer for Twinfinite who will never stop campaigning for Pokémon Snap 2 until it has been made. He once played through a dozen Final Fantasy games in one year, and his knowledge of Kingdom Hearts is mildly concerning.

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