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Free Rocket League Update Adds Mutators in November


Free Rocket League Update Adds Mutators in November

Even more madness for your rocket cars.

Psyonix released a video today, showing a host of new updates they’ll be bringing to the surprise hit Rocket League next month. The free download is going to add mutators, that allow players to tweak a variety of options within the game including the size and shape of the ball and even gravitational effects.

It looks like a ton of options are going to be added in. You can make a ball that takes up nearly a quarter of the arena by itself, or turn the ball into a cube. There’s an option to up demolition in a match, resulting in cars blowing up all over the place. Some of the other options that blast by in the trailer say things like pinball, timewarp, and slo-mo.

There’s going to be a lot for Rocket League players to fool around with. A post on the PlayStation Blog announced the full update earlier today. No specific day of release was given for the update, but it will be coming in the first few weeks of November.

As an additional bonus, Psyonix showed off  a second update that will be coming in December. This one turns the arena into an ice rink, and turns the ball into a giant hockey puck making players slip and slide around trying to make goals. What do you think about the fun new additions to Rocket League? Are you still going strong with the game, or are these updates enough to draw you back into the rocket car arena? Let us know in the comments, and check out the trailer for the update.

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