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New Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water Trailer is “Extremely Spoopy”


New Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water Trailer is “Extremely Spoopy”

It’s like Pokémon Snap with ghosts.

With just over a week until the North American release of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, Nintendo has just released a new trailer (which they have cringe-inducingly dubbed the “Extremely Spoopy Trailer”) for the horror game.

It’s the first trailer for the game to feature the English voice-over work, and shows off how the Wii U Game Pad will be utilized for snapping photos of the fiendish apparitions. It looks like you will need to make certain weak points on the ghosts fit in into the frame, which will often require turning the Game Pad up to ninety degrees, if it’s a particularly tall ghost.

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water releases exclusively on the Wii U eShop Oct. 22 in North America, and will be free to start. This means you can download the first two chapters of the game to try out before deciding if you want to purchase the rest of it. More information on the game can be found on Nintendo’s website.

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