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Fallout 4’s Main Menu Screen Has Been Leaked


Fallout 4’s Main Menu Screen Has Been Leaked

Leak alert!

Fallout 4 is less than two weeks away and gamers everywhere can’t wait to begin their adventure in the wasteland. Bethesda has been heavily advertising with trailers and online promotions but it seems one aspect of the game they hadn’t shared has been leaked.

A user on Reddit posted a screenshot of what appears to be the main menu for the game. Like previous Fallout games, the menu is fairly minimalistic, but does feature some Power Armor in the background.

The menu consists of “Continue”, “New,” “Load,” “Settings,” and “Crew.” All of these are fairly self explanatory except for “Crew”, which is most likely the credits of the game. Some posters on Reddit speculated that the Power Armour in the game might change depending on your actions in the game.

The origin of the image is unknown and a Bethesda representative chose not to comment on the leak. Bethesda has been promoting the game in many other ways, including partnering with Target to bring you real Nuka Cola Quantums, and releasing Fallout beer in the UK.

[Source: Reddit]

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