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Everyone Definitely Does This in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate With No Remorse


Everyone Definitely Does This in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate With No Remorse

Everyone stay out of Jacob and Evie’s way.

It’s a known rule of Assassin’s Creed games that assassins never killed civilians. No, their eyes and hidden blades were always set on the templars. But that doesn’t mean that assassins can’t be total dicks sometimes. The Thames flows all through London and there are plenty of boats that cross it or float about. This area is a parkour jungle for Jacob and Evie as they hop from moving cargo boats to masts to crates and to small fishing boats. On top of these are gentle and calm people, simply standing and enjoying the view. Perhaps they’re fishing, or maybe they’re just realizing that life is worth living thanks to the little moments. Suddenly, you come in like a wrecking ball.

boat fall

In the biggest act of assholery, you can parkour on top of the fishing boats and totally throw the person off balance every single time. The serene scene is turned into pure calamity as they stumble over and land on in the water. It’s awesome.

boat fall 2

Just a bit of comic relief that Ubisoft threw in between all the assassinating and gang violence. It never gets old and you’ll find yourself going out of your way just to make it happen, with absolutely zero remorse for what you did.

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