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Destiny’s Daily Heroic Mission Contains a New Secret in the Vault of Glass


Destiny’s Daily Heroic Mission Contains a New Secret in the Vault of Glass

Secrets are meant to be discovered.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Destiny players discovered that there was a secret area located within the Vault of Glass that had a Ghost connected to Praedyth. Guardians were warned to not go after this item due to it maybe messing up a future questline. Well the time has come for you to seek out that area, although properly.

Today’s Daily Heroic Mission, Paradox, adds a secret side objective, much like the Lost to Lights side mission that rewarded players with the hidden exotic Black Spindle. While the rewards or future effects of today’s mission aren’t exactly clear, it’s worth your time to collect the 4 new ghosts even if it’s just to get further insight into Destiny’s surprisingly deep lore.

In order to access the side objective, players must first collect three Ghosts located within the Vault of Glass. There locations are as follows:

The first Ghost can be found in the secret area below the first chest located in the vault (the chest is through the large door and sitting off to the side of the winding patch right before a cliff).

The second can be found beside the ‘Spirit Bloom Chest’ located in the room where you fought the Templar during the Vault of Glass Raid. There’s a entrance in the side of the central pillar.

The final one is inside of a cave that is located near the portal you need to enter to participate in the side activity. There will be an inactive platform, the cave is slightly before that area.

After collecting the three Ghosts, the portal will become active and there will be a short jumping puzzle (Destiny seems to love these) leading up to it. Enter and you’ll find yourself in the secret area which happens to be the Venus Oracle location from the Atheon boss fight.

There will be tons of Taken as well as a Blighted Descendant (a really strong Taken that loves stealth and explosive attacks). Use the cover to the best of your ability and make sure to eliminate all of the smaller taken whenever they appear or they will cause you to wipe.

Once you kill the Blighted Descendant, there will be a chest containing an item. Turn that item into the Future War Cult in the Tower and you will receive the fourth Ghost.

Nobody has figured out just what these Ghosts lead to other than more story. They could very well be the key to a new exotic quest, or some deeper understanding into what comes next. Whatever it is, it’s time for you to get out there and uncover it.

Safe travels, Guardian.

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