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Destiny: TTK – Trials of Osiris is Delayed until Further Notice


Destiny: TTK – Trials of Osiris is Delayed until Further Notice

You can thank the Nightstalkers.

On Tuesday, Destiny fans rejoiced with the beginning of the special PvP event, Iron Banner. However, fans who were also looking forward to the release of Destiny’s Trials of Osiris special PvP event tomorrow will be disappointed. In an unfortunate turn of events, Bungie has deemed it necessary to cancel Trials of Osiris for now in order to give themselves some time to fix a glitch.

If you haven’t yet heard, an exploit was recently discovered for the Nighstalker Hunter subclass which allows them to use an unlimited amount of their Shadowshot super abilities. Naturally, you can see how this might negatively affect the Trials of Osiris. While some players may be disappointed to hear that Trials of Osiris has been delayed, Bungie’s perspective that it would have been a greater atrocity to let it open with this glitch active is understandable.

Destiny’s community manager Deej explains Bungie’s reasoning to an extent but is also intentionally vague. While this might be to prevent people who don’t know about the glitch from learning more about it, the fact that it’s the reason for the cancellation means there’s a good chance people will be looking for more info anyway. Here’s how he explains it to us in the weekly update:

“A funny thing happened on the way to the Lighthouse. It turns out that there’s a particularity nasty bug that would undoubtedly conspire to create a less competitive return to form for Trials of Osiris. We’re going to be intentionally vague here, for what we hope are obvious reasons!

We’re going to disable that bug before we invite you to take your next run at a 9-0. We’re also working on a final fix for the bug itself as soon as possible. As soon as we have a solid commitment for Brother Vance, we’ll make a formal announcement on when Trial of Osiris will begin again. We hope that most of you recognize the impact a limitless Nightstalker would have on the competitive landscape.”

For fans, the most frustrating part of this announcement probably isn’t that Trials of Osiris has been delayed but that we have no idea whether they will be up and running at some point this weekend, or this month, or whenever. So we’ll just have to wait patiently and continue to play Iron Banner in the meantime.

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