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Destiny: TTK – Iron Banner Returns in October with Changes


Destiny: TTK – Iron Banner Returns in October with Changes

“Do you like it better when Lord Saladin oversees these matches?” – Lord Shaxx

If you’ve been playing a lot of the new Destiny: The Taken King content with other guardians online, then there’s a decent chance you’ve already started to hear people asking, “When is Iron Banner coming back?” With all of the new year two content, players can hardly wait to turn their arsenals against one another in a PvP arena where weapon damages, armor values, and Light levels actually make a difference.

Only two heroes offer us this sweet delight: Brother Vance and Lord Saladin. If you’re more interested in finding out what’s happening with the Trials of Osiris, then feel free to check out our article on the Trials of Osiris October Changes. But if controlling zones is what you crave, then look no further. We’re going to break down everything you can expect to see in the new October 13, 2015 Iron Banner arena.

Let’s start with the notes from Bungie’s Crucible Designer, Jeremiah Pieschl that are geared to prepare us for battle:

  • The tempered buff is now automatically applied and continues to grow in effectiveness each day of the event.
  • The alt catch-up buff and Iron Medallion mechanics are unchanged.
  • Potential match completion rewards now include both weapons and armor, matching the same items available from Lord Saladin during each event.
  • Drop rates have been increased and are intended to be the primary source of rewards from Iron Banner. If you don’t get what you’re hoping for, you have the option to visit Lord Saladin instead.
  • Gear purchased from Lord Saladin now requires Legendary Marks instead of Glimmer.
  • New emblems have been added to his inventory.
  • All new bounties including 9 Daily bounties (3 per day) and 3 new Weekly bounties which reward Legendary Marks.
  • Recommended minimum Light for Iron Banner: 230.
  • Only Level 40 Guardians can lead a Fireteam.

While some of this information is self-explanatory, let’s take a second to recap. The first change players might rejoice to see is that since the tempered buff is applied automatically, you won’t be able to forget to apply it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started an Iron Banner match with my Fireteam and heard, “Damnit! Yo could we go back to the Tower? I forgot the buff.” Never again.

As for the rest of the core Iron Banner mechanics, they’re staying the same except for that now the recommended Light is 230 and 40 is the level required to lead a Fireteam into the fray.

The biggest changes coming to Iron Banner October 2015 are in the rewards system. In previous Iron Banner matches, players were used to grinding bounties to soar through the ranks and unlock their desired rewards. While playing, the featured Iron Banner weapons as well as previous Iron Banner weapons would occasionally drop.

Now, those mechanics are reversed. The drops are the focus and purchasing from Lord Saladin is the added bonus option. However, the drops will correspond directly with what Lord Saladin is offering for that week’s Iron Banner. This means that both weapons and armor are included but it also means that items from previous Iron Banners won’t drop anymore.

As you grind bounties through the ranks, the hope is that you will acquire everything you need via drops. If you’re left missing anything, you’ll have to hand your Legendary Marks over to Lord Saladin to fill the gap. This is a change from Glimmer being the primary currency used to buy Iron Banner gear.

With Legendary Marks being a bit more difficult to grind for most players than glimmer, this adds a degree of challenge to the Iron Banner reward system. But there are also a slew of new Iron Banner bounties, 3 of which are weekly and reward Legendary Marks.

Lastly, you can expect all new year two Iron Banner gear, including new emblems as well as all of the gear that we have seen guardians teasing us with in the pictures Bungie has released so far. Are you excited for Iron Banner? More of a Trials of Osiris fan? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.

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