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Destiny Player Kills Raid Boss Using Rock Band Drums


Destiny Player Kills Raid Boss Using Rock Band Drums

Talk about a drum solo.

Well this is certainly impressive, Reddit user IGladHeAteHer182 killed Crota using only his Rock Band drum set.

While playing as his Hunter, the brave Guardian continued to smack on his drum set in order to slash Crota and used the drum set’s subpar D-pad to navigate the boss room.

Even with Destiny: The Taken King’s release, older content is still frustrating — killing Crota now can still be seen as an achievement. Maybe in the future we could see a full raid using only the drum set? Could you imagine completing a jumping puzzle with it? Instant-headache.

Hopefully we see Bungie recognize this as a monumental feat, give this guy something!

Would you be brave enough to try something like this? Think you could do better, possibly even try the King’s Fall raid with instruments? Let us know in the comments and be sure to post your results!


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