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Destiny Players Are Creating Impressive Halloween Costumes


Destiny Players Are Creating Impressive Halloween Costumes

Good work, Guardians.

Destiny’s Festival of the Lost event is bringing the Halloween spirit to the Tower. Players are dressing up for fun and to win Bungie’s official costume contest, which offers real-life Strange Coins and Engram stress balls for the chosen winners. The contest is broken into three categories: Best Costume Portrait, Best Group Shot, and Best Dance Party.

Players are already sharing their pictures and videos on Twitter with the #ContestOfTheLost hashtag. Here are some of the costume pictures they’re sharing.

LadyShaxx and Lord Shaxx paid tribute to Tiger Man.

ResultsMayVaryy used the Skull mask to intimidate The Taken King.

xKrki and friends made sure their colors were on point.

iTryTristan and friends teamed up as Destiny’s biggest villains.

TravelerIsEvil became Oryx to mourn Crota’s death.

ellieisntcool successfully mimicked the Speaker.

OfficerSparks became Skolas, complete with Servitor backup.

The Contest of the Lost will run until next Tuesday, where Bungie will announce winners for each category. What’s the best costume you’ve seen in Destiny so far? Let us know in the comments.

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