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Destiny Gear Manager Will Allow Inventory Management from Anywhere


Destiny Gear Manager Will Allow Inventory Management from Anywhere

Fix your gear without booting up your console.

If you’ve been exploring the world of Destiny since Year One, you’re probably familiar with the Destiny Item Manager app. The fanmade software allows you to transfer items between your Vault and created characters without launching the game.

Now, Bungie is making their own item manager. The Destiny Gear Manager is currently in closed beta for selected players on

Reddit user Zyqlone got a beta invite to the Gear Manager and took a few screenshots. Not only does it allow easy drag-and-drop functionality from your character to your Vault, there’s even a search function in case you’re looking for a specific name or item perk.


The Gear Manager is currently limited to the Bungie website, but would be a perfect addition to their companion app. Keep checking your email or account for invites to the Destiny Gear Manager. In the meantime, we’ve got plenty of Destiny coverage including a review of the massive Taken King expansion.

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