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Darkest Dungeon Leaves Steam Early Access Next Year


Darkest Dungeon Leaves Steam Early Access Next Year

Are you afraid of the dark?

The roguelike RPG Darkest Dungeon has gained a lot of positive buzz on Steam Early Access this year. The combination of its gothic art style, high difficulty and psychological status effects caught the attention of many Steam users.

Red Hook Studios have announced that Darkest Dungeon is leaving Early Access for a full Steam release on Jan. 16, 2016. The Vita and PlayStation 4 ports are tentatively scheduled for 2016, some time after the Steam release.

A post on the Darkest Dungeon website notes that the game’s release was actually delayed twice. It was initially meant for a ‘thematic’ October release, but the small team’s busy schedule forced them to push it back. The second release date of Dec. 1 was postponed due to a death in Chris Bourassa’s family. Bourassa is the creative director and art director for Darkest Dungeon and one of two full-time members of Red Hook Studios.

Darkest Dungeon was regularly updated while in Early Access, and an upcoming November patch will pave the way for the game’s final release.

We’ll be dropping an interim patch towards the end of November that introduces a new playable hero: The Abomination! Designed in collaboration with our Lord tier Kickstarter backer, this bloodthirsty class is unlike anything currently in the game. Keep your eyes peeled for the full reveal in the coming weeks! This update will also include two decidedly unsettling backer-designed monsters, as well as some other ‘goodies’!

Darkest Dungeon is still on sale in Steam Early Access and is fairly close to completion if you want to see why this game is so acclaimed and why it’s causing some players to snap keyboards in frustration.

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