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Dark Souls 3 Screenshots Released by Bandai Namco


Dark Souls 3 Screenshots Released by Bandai Namco

Prepared to die?

Dark Souls 3 is on its way and fans everywhere are sharpening their swords and readying their armor for what will no doubt be one tough game. The game may not be out for a while still but to get us excited, Bandai Namco has released some high-res screenshots and artwork from the game.

You may notice that many of the screenshots feature Red Phantoms, this is because the screenshots are designed to show off Dark Souls 3’s online gameplay which features Red Phantoms when you are invaded by another player who will try to take you down. You will also notice there are some White Phantoms in the images, which indicates a friendly player has arrived to help you out of a tight spot.

2951298-dark-souls-iii_2015_10-15-15_001 2951299-dark-souls-iii_2015_10-15-15_002 2951300-dark-souls-iii_2015_10-15-15_003 2951301-dark-souls-iii_2015_10-15-15_004 2951302-dark-souls-iii_2015_10-15-15_005 2951303-dark-souls-iii_2015_10-15-15_006 2951304-dark-souls-iii_2015_10-15-15_007 2951305-dark-souls-iii_2015_10-15-15_008 2951306-dark-souls-iii_2015_10-15-15_009 2951308-dark-souls-iii_2015_10-15-15_011+(1) 2951310-dark-souls-iii_2015_10-15-15_012 2951311-dark-souls-iii_2015_10-15-15_013 2951312-dark-souls-iii_2015_10-15-15_014

These screenshots seem to be taken from areas that we have been shown in gameplay trailers and at events where Namco Bandai and From Software have had Dark Souls 3 on show.

It was recently announced that Dark Souls 3 would be released on March 24 2016 in Japan and a release month of April has been given for Western gamers. No doubt an exact release date will be released soon.

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