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Chvrches Tour the Bungie Office for the Love of Destiny


Chvrches Tour the Bungie Office for the Love of Destiny

It was only a matter of time.

While on their Every Eye Open tour in Seattle, Chvrches visited the Seattle-based developer of Bungie for a studio tour. On October 14th, two members of the synthpop trio (Martin Doherty and Lian Cook), excitedly tweet out their experience at the home of the Destiny series. In the photo, we see the pair pose in front of a Fallen Captain, a prominent (and difficult) enemy in Destiny.

Bungie confirmed their office tour in a tweet and outed enthusiasm for Chvrches’ show that same night in Seattle.

Long-time followers of the band know the two regularly tweet about playing games. Most notably, Bungie’s Destiny is a popular choice between them. Often, you’ll see them spontaneously tweet a picture from Destiny, vent about random loot drops, and then finally grabbing that oh so sexy Gjallarhorn. You know, the insane rocket launcher Bungie allowed Destiny players to buy by accident.

Of course, Chvrches are not afraid of visiting game developers. This past summer, Chvrches played Rock Band 4 with Harmonix at Gamescom, the largest video game convention in the world located in Germany.

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