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Call of Duty Is Getting an Official Beer, and It Has an Amazing Name


Call of Duty Is Getting an Official Beer, and It Has an Amazing Name

Obvious, but still brilliant.

Call of Duty fans are getting an official beverage to drink while playing Black Ops 3. Black Hops Brewing took a while to make this beer, but they clearly took even longer to write the name. Next week, Australian citizens can get their hands on Black Hops 3, the first official Call of Duty craft beer.

Black Hops 3 is a 4.8% ABV American Pale Ale with “tantalizing hop aromas of pine and citrus fruit”. The beverage is also specialty-roasted to make a darker color matching the pitch-black bottle. Black Hops 3 is only being sold in Australia via BeerBud, starting Nov. 2.

call of duty beer black hops 3


There’s been a few promotional drinks for games this year, but Black Hops 3 tops them all with its perfect pun of a title. The drink has an official trailer from the brewery for more information on its creation.

In terms of competing video game beverages, Fallout 4 is also getting its own beer to celebrate its release. Bethesda partnered with Jones Soda to create real-life bottles of Nuka Cola, the drink featured in nearly every Fallout game. If Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 gets its own soda, it should be named Black Pop 3 to continue this streak of puns.

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