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Bungie Is on the Lookout for Trials of Osiris Cheats


Bungie Is on the Lookout for Trials of Osiris Cheats

Play nicely, Guardians

Today officially marks the return of Destiny’s highly competitive PvP event: the Trials of Osiris. But be warned, Bungie is going to be taking any cheating actions very seriously.

With the spoils of completing the Trials of Osiris being very lucrative indeed, many players will be desperate to complete the PvP event and reap the rewards. However, we wouldn’t advise trying to pull a fast one on Bungie and your opponents by using any cheating tactics.

Today, Bungie issued a tweet informing players that they would be issuing multi-month bans for Trials of Osiris to any players found cheating or abusing the system in the Crucible.

This isn’t the first time that Bungie has dealt with cheats in Trials of Osiris. Last year saw widespread reports of people who claimed they were forced to disconnect by the enemy team, therefore forfeiting entire Trials of Osiris matches entirely. Bungie took action on these cheats and blocked these users who had been interrupting the connections of their opponents.

Today also saw Bungie release all the information you need to know before taking on the Taken King Trials of Osiris, such as stating that Trials gear can now be purchased from Brother Vance and that he also has bounties that award Legendary Marks.

We wish all players the best of look in the Taken King Trials of Osiris, and even offer handy hints, such as the best classes to use.

Will you be taking part in the Trials of Osiris? Have you stumbled into any suspicious activity so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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