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Broforce Announces its Early Access Exit in the Most Patriotic Way Possible


Broforce Announces its Early Access Exit in the Most Patriotic Way Possible

There’s nothing quite like a patriotic ode to America done by South Africans, bro.

What once was a joke-y entry in a game jam in 2012 now will be complete by 2015. Broforce by developer Free Lives and publisher Devolver Digital finally finishes its development on October 15th. The full launch of “Contra with action movie characters” brings along a new set of campaign missions as the final boss of Satan must be defeated at his domain: Hell.

The announcement doesn’t come without theatrics. Deon van Heerden created a music video for “The Ballad of Rambro” as its possibly the greatest love letter to America above.

As a thank you to early adopters, early access owners from the start to its finish on October 15th will receive the Freedom EP. The Freedom EP collects five tracks from Deon van Heerden’s composition of Broforce. Tracks in the Broforce soundtrack EP are the main Broforce Theme and “The Ballad of Rambro.”

In the press release, a surprise, so totally real quote from US Department of Defense Secretary Ashton Carter exposes his thoughts on Broforce: “Broforce is the culmination of decades of American military superiority distilled into one sweet ass motherfucking video game…“It’s even got versus mode and online co-op, bro.”

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