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Blizzard Warns Players of Fake Overwatch Beta Keys


Blizzard Warns Players of Fake Overwatch Beta Keys

Beware of people trying to sell you fake Overwatch beta “keys.”

So now that the beta testing for Blizzards upcoming game Overwatch is underway, Blizzard has sent a tweet warning players against anybody offering Overwatch Beta “keys,” because they don’t exist.

On Overwatch’s Twitter account, Blizzard said that “Overwatch beta ‘keys’ do not exist. Please be cautious of any emails, websites, or individuals that claim to offer them!”

Blizzard also sent warnings about these fake keys yesterday, when they tweeted, “REMINDER: The #Overwatch beta hasn’t started yet. Accounts will be flagged & we won’t be emailing keys. Watch out for scam attempts!” If you come across any email, website, Facebook page, etc. claiming to give out free Overwatch beta “keys,” just look the other way.

So have you been offered a fake Overwatch Beta “key” yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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