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Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Backstory Explained – Pieces of Eden, Precursors, and Present-Day


Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Backstory Explained – Pieces of Eden, Precursors, and Present-Day

Strap into your Animus and enjoy the ride.

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The Descendants of Adam and Eve

Assassin's Creed Templars and Assassins

via Assassin’s Creed Wikia

For the most part, the descendants of Adam and Eve split into two groupings: Templars and Assassins. While both groups attract widespread members who are not descendants of Adam and Eve, the core leadership of these organizations is often held by those with a greater amount of Precursor DNA coursing through their veins than other humans. The ones with the enhanced DNA are less susceptible to being controlled by the Pieces of Eden and also have extrasensory abilities which make them stand out and rise to leadership if not born into those positions.

Throughout the story of the Assassin’s Creed timeline, we see the entire narrative of history being re-written through the perspective of the knowledge of the Precursors and the Pieces of Eden. In this view, all major miraculous events ranging from Moses parting the Red Sea, to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, to Hitler’s domination of Europe and mass control of the population, and more are caused by the human use of a Piece of Eden.

While the individual timelines of the games are interesting stories, they sort of happen inside a vacuum. In other words, every story from Altair and Ezio straight through to Arno is a repetition of a Piece of Eden being stolen, killed for, used to control humanity, see the future, receive messages from Precursors, etc. while the Assassins and the Templars of that time period duke it out at the whims of your controller. For that reason, we’re going to skip over a lot of that and focus on the present day timeline. In the Assassin’s Creed timeline of modern civilization, the descendant of Adam and Eve that receives the messages of the Precursors is none other than single bartender, Desmond Miles.

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