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All of Life Is Strange’s Possible Choices and Consequences


All of Life Is Strange’s Possible Choices and Consequences

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 Episode 1: Chrysalis

life is strange

Big Decisions

  • After pulling the fire alarm, you can either tell the principal about Nathan Prescott or hide the truth.
  • You can comfort or make fun of Victoria after the paint splashes on her.
  • You can intervene to help Kate, or snap a picture of David Madsen harassing her.
  • Either hide in Chloe’s closet or hop out and take the blame for the pot.

Small Decisions

  • After leaving school, Daniel can draw your portrait, or not. This affects his confidence and if you let him, you’ll be able to reassure him of his drawing ability in another episode.
  • You can either sign Ms. Grant’s petition to keep surveillance cameras out of the school, or not.
  • Alyssa can get bonked on the head by a football, but you can stop it and warn her.
  • You can erase Kate’s whiteboard outside her dorm.
  • Water the plant inside Max’s room or don’t.
  • Look at Dana’s pregnancy test to find out she’s preggers or don’t.
  • Reorganize Victoria’s photos to get a bit of revenge or don’t.
  • Write on the dirty RV or don’t.
  • Save the bird in Chloe’s house or let it smash against the window and die.
  • You can break Chloe’s snow globe or not.
  • You can read David’s hidden files in the garage.
  • If you don’t rewind time after rummaging through the garage, you could leave an evidence trail.
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