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AC Syndicate: The Master Spy Secret Mission Guide


AC Syndicate: The Master Spy Secret Mission Guide

To kill a master spy one must adopt the shadow.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate has a ton of missions. So many in fact that they decided to hide a bunch in another time period. As you progress through the game, you will unlock a rift that appears on The Thames at its eastern edge. Enter this rift and you will be transported to London in the year 1916.

The final mission in this London under siege tasks the player with killing the leader of all of the spies you’ve been dealing with up until this point. Of course, to do so you must first locate him.

Head on over to the house marked on your map and turn on your eagle vision. You’ll spot some footprints leading to a peculiar place. Move the bookshelf and kill everyone you see to draw out the master spy. You’ll be able to put the beats on him for a short period of time before he flees.

Chase him down while ignoring any enemies that get in your way. After a minute or two, he will vanish, leaving you the task of locating him with your special senses. You will be surrounded by a large group of enemies, though, so you can either kill them all or lose them, it’s entirely up to you.

After you’ve done that, just locate the Master Spy and kill him however you see fit. You can shoot him in the head from a distance, run up and stab him, fight all of his guards, whatever you think he deserves. Once you’ve had your fun, you can just leave the area.

Enjoy the cutscene at the end, you have done London a great service.

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