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AC Syndicate: Sequence 2 A Simple Plan Guide


AC Syndicate: Sequence 2 A Simple Plan Guide

Be the stealth master.

Sequence 2 of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate puts you in the shoes of Evie Frye, the female stealth master of this game. In this mission, your task is to assassinate Robert Brewster and find out what kind of contraption he’s gotten his hands on.

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The mission starts off easily enough. Press down on your D-pad to whistle and attract the guard’s attention. As he approaches your position, simply hit the attack button to perform a cover assassination. Your goal here is to make your way to the front of the train. There are a few guards standing in your way, but they shouldn’t be too hard for Evie to handle. Once you’re at the front, detach the carriages for a quick cutscene.

After the cutscene, your next objective is to climb up to the vantage point. I suggest waiting for a bit and let the enemy guards wander off before making the climb. Another cutscene will trigger once you’re at the top. Once the scene is over, perform a leap of faith off the vantage point.

From the stack of hay, your goal is now to reach the other end of the train yard. As you make your way towards the green marker on your map, you’ll notice the enemy’s captive in a room overhead. However, before you can speak to him, you’ll have to take out the surrounding guards first. I suggest using your throwing knives to make short work of the guards by executing headshots. If not, throwing a smoke bomb and assassinating them in all the confusion will work just as well. Once you’ve eliminated the guards, speak to the man tied up on the chair.

Now, Evie will have to look for a guard with a key. He should be lurking near the building right next to your waypoint. Assassinate him and loot his corpse for the key. As you make your way to the underground lab, try to stay on the high ground so you’ll have an easier time picking off enemy guards along the way.

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Once you locate Brewster, the game will inform you of your next task: assassinate the man. If you’ve been sticking to high ground this whole time, it should be easy enough for you to get the drop on him and take him out with a fancy air assassination. Once he’s been taken care of, a short scene will play before Evie has to make her escape from the crumbling lab. Simply follow the linear path and hold down the run button to free run. Once you make it out of the lab safely, the mission will be cleared.

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