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AC Syndicate: Sequence 1 – A Spanner in the Works Guide


AC Syndicate: Sequence 1 – A Spanner in the Works Guide

A bloody good start.

The very first mission in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate puts you in control of Jacob Frye and acts as a tutorial for the free running and assassination mechanics in the game. When you have control of Jacob, you’ll see that your green marker is just 64m away from you. Simply hold R2 and leap from one ledge to the next, and then examine the large door at the end.

Some thugs will tell you that no one goes through the door unless there’s a problem in the factory. The game will then tell you to sabotage three steam machines in the area. Turn around and run up the ramp on the right hand side. Continue free running down this path until you reach the first yellow marker that indicates the first sabotage point. After this, Jacob will be facing a metal plank on the ground that points towards a thin metal ledge. Jump off the plank and onto the ledge before going up the ramp to your left. This will take you straight to the second sabotage point. Just past the second sabotage point is a wooden plank. Cross it, turn right, and you’ll see the third and final sabotage point.

After doing so, a thug will open the large door and step into the factory. Simply hit the square button while he’s highlighted to have Jacob perform an air assassination. Head out through the large door and you’ll have to contend with a few enemies. The game will guide you through the combat mechanics. Simply hit square to attack, circle to counter whenever the enemies’ health bars flash yellow, and hit the X button to break an enemy’s guard when their health bars are greyed out.

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Head through the large red double doors once you’ve taken care of the guards, and immediately turn right to climb up the building. Your goal here is to get to the top of the crane and free run back to the ground below. Simply head straight to the green marker on the map, taking care of any guards you encounter along the way.

As you approach the red restricted area, there will be two guards standing right outside the door. You can take them out easily enough with Jacob’s throwing knives. Head for the pulley system that lies to the right of the door and interact with it to proceed.

A good strategy to proceed through this area is to head for higher ground once you’re inside enemy territory. Climb up the wall right behind Jacob as soon as you enter and shimmy along the wall to get to the second floor. Moving on higher ground will make sneaking much easier for you as there are fewer enemies, and you won’t attract any unwanted attention from below. Make your way to the green marker on your map.

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When you enter the final metal works area, turn to your right and jump up the metal beam. Continue taking the high ground in this area if you wish to proceed undetected. Rupert Ferris will be alone in the final room. You can hit him with your throwing knives or get into a fistfight with him.

The final part of the mission is relatively easy. All you have to do is leave the building and jump down onto a speeding train. Some of Rupert’s thugs will follow you onto the train, but you just have to hold them off long enough until the next cutscene plays. After the train crashes, simply follow the path and hop down the tracks, and you’ll be done with the very first mission in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

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