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AC Syndicate: How to Get All Cloaks and Belts


AC Syndicate: How to Get All Cloaks and Belts

Look on fleek.


Evie Frye’s signature look is completed with a cloak. You can’t have all the outfits and not have a ballin’ cloak to match, come on.

Red Cloak (lvl. 1)

  • You start with this cloak.

“A plain cloak that looks nice enough but provides little protection.”

Thrifty Cloak (lvl. 2)

  • Progress through the story to unlock.

“It’s slightly used, to be sure, but that makes it no less effective as a cloak. This is the best deal you can get for this price.”

Hunter’s Mantle (lvl. 3)

  • Progress through the story to unlock.

“Your prey won’t know what hit them, unless you want them to.”

Black Jack Cloak (lvl. 3)

“For those of us who have ever thought “I like the British flag. If only it came in black…”

Orange Silk Cloak (lvl. 3)

“The Netherlands flourished as an empire in part because of their silk weavers. This cloak is a showcase of Dutch expertise.”

Killer’s Lace Cloak (lvl. 3)

  • Progress through the story to unlock.

“The loose weave of this cloak will soften the sound of your approach.”

Crimson Wing Cloak (lvl. 3)

“A hellish cloak that blends well with the shadows.”

Patchwork Cloak (lvl. 4)

  • Reach loyalty level 2 with Clara O’Dea.

“Ah yes, the rustic look. How very quaint. Well, if you damage this cloak, it’s no great loss.”

Eagle Dive Cape (lvl. 4)

  • Progress through the story to unlock.

“Imagine this cape fluttering in the wind as you dive from the tallest landmarks in London. It’s the closest one can get to having wings.”

Lady Vignola’s Cloak (lvl. 5)

  • Must be crafted.

“Lady Vignola was a subject of the Tudors who was barred from court for upstaging Elizabeth of York in her elegance. The color and pattern of this cloak matches the dress that so offended the Queen Consort.”

Stormy Night Cloak (lvl. 5)

  • Progress through the story to unlock.

“A cloak Edward Bulwer-Lytton would have worn with pride. Ideal for those dark nights when the rain falls in torrents.”

Cloak of the People (lvl. 6)

  • Must be crafted.

“This buckled cloak is soaked with the sweat of laborers who have worn it before. It’s surprisingly comfortable.”

Light and Dark Cloak (lvl. 6)

  • Discover this item in one of London’s hidden chests.

“You kill in the name of liberty. You fight to stop evil. This reinforced leather cloak serves as a reminder that morality is rarely black and white.”

Goldred Cloak (lvl. 7)

  • Progress through the story to unlock.

“This woolen cape is both durable and easy on the eyes. Not that your enemies will ever see it.”

Flame Silk Cloak (lvl. 7)

  • Progress through the story to unlock.

“Radiant, almost hot to the touch, and highly resistant. This cloak can take a lot of punishment.”

Emerald Isle Cape (lvl. 7)

“Ireland is a gorgeous country mired in a struggle with the British Empire. Wear this Irish-made cloak and show your support for their cause.”

Lady Cyrielle’s Shawl (lvl. 8)

  • Progress through the story to unlock.

“The same shawl worn by the 17th century Assassin known only as Lady Cyrielle. She was last seen in Nice before she disappeared. Where did this shawl come from?’

Legendary Assassin Cape (lvl. 9)

  • Must be crafted.

“For most, satin is hard to come by. A cloak made of this glossy but tough fabric would only be worthy of a king, a queen, or you.”

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