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7 Ways The Witcher 3 Devs Showered Their Fans With Love


7 Ways The Witcher 3 Devs Showered Their Fans With Love

We <3 CDPR

All the Free Loot in the Standard Edition

Back in May when players were only just getting their hands on the game, CD Projekt RED was delivering far more than most other developers with the contents of the standard edition for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. A beautifully rendered paper map of the Northern Realms, a nifty pack of stickers, a physical copy of the official soundtrack, a copy of The Witcher Universe Compendium booklet, and special codes to redeem/unlock the The Witcher Battle Arena, and the House of Glass Digital Comic Book were given to anyone who decided to just buy the standard version.

Considering you’d look at paying an extra $10 for just some of these items in the special editions of other games, CDPR really showed gratitude to buyers of The Witcher 3. And just to top it off, it included a little thank you message from the whole team to each individual gamer inside the box. That’s what you call showing some love.

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