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7 Scary Gaming Enemies That We Still Haven’t Forgotten


7 Scary Gaming Enemies That We Still Haven’t Forgotten

Absolutely terrifying.

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Ruben Victoriano (The Evil Within)

ruvik the evil within

For some time, the survival horror genre had lost its way. Gone were the days of slow, methodical pacing, scarce resources, and long stretches of deafening silence. It had all become jump-scares and fire fights until The Evil Within came and showed us that the classic days of suspense could still intrigue and terrify those willing to enter its twisted world.

A lot of this is thanks to Ruben Victoriano, or Ruvik as fans of the game would know him. This small, hooded man who seems to be on the edge of reality itself is one of the twisted minds who made the nightmares of The Evil Within a threat to the player. He is the home of ever horrific things you encounter and as he succumbs more to madness, it is the player who must suffer the despair.

With his ability to turn that hallway into a wall and that innocent person into a hulking brute of sharp edges and gore, he is an absolute terror.

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