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7 Features We Really Hope Are in Far Cry Primal


7 Features We Really Hope Are in Far Cry Primal

Please Ubisoft, make it so!

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Riding Mammoths

Far Cry Primal

When Far Cry 4 released last year, we all couldn’t wait to jump on the back of an Elephant and charge into an enemy outpost, destroying everything in our path. Well, imagine that feeling of satisfaction as you caused absolute chaos, and then multiply it by about 100. Riding a Mammoth is so much more bad ass than an Elephant. Just look at the one in the background of this photo, looking wonderfully majestic as he makes light work of the tribesman surrounding him. We can’t imagine anything more enjoyable than wiping out an entire enemy camp, crushing those that stand before us with giant Mammoth hoofs and spearing any last survivors with our tusks.

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