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6 Ways to Know if You’ll Like Dragon Quest Heroes


6 Ways to Know if You’ll Like Dragon Quest Heroes

Because you shouldn’t judge a game by its cover.

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If You Like Dynasty Warriors, Yes

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Dragon Quest Heroes is published by Square Enix, but it’s developed by Omega Force. You know, the developers within Tecmo Koei, famous for Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi, One Piece: Pirate Warriors, and Hyrule Warriors. Do you see the trend?

They love their hack and slash gameplay. That’s what you’re getting with Dragon Quest Heroes, and it’s best compared to One Piece: Pirate Warriors out of all of those. The gameplay isn’t as fast-paced and the maps aren’t as big, but if you love the general gist and have been wanting a new IP to play through (because Samurai Warriors 4-II isn’t enough for you right now), Dragon Quest Heroes is for you. It even has multiple characters with their own moves (although not nearly as many as others listed before have).

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