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5 Uncharted Moments We Can’t Wait to Play in The Nathan Drake Collection


5 Uncharted Moments We Can’t Wait to Play in The Nathan Drake Collection


Spoiler Alert!

As the title suggests, this feature is going to talk about some of the best moments from the series. In case you haven’t played the series before and would like to avoid any spoilers, it’s probably best you turn back now. You have been warned!

Lil’ Drake – Uncharted 3

Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection

In Uncharted 3 we were taken way back… like 20 years back, to when Drake was just a young teenager in Columbia. This section begins with you walking around a museum in search of Sir Francis Drake’s ring. Visitors look around at artifacts both rustic and glimmering, but you notice an unexpected visitor in your presence.

It’s Sully, and he’s out to grab the same loot as you. Drake meeting Sully is an incredibly important exposition in the series which demonstrates the incredible storytelling of the Uncharted series. As we all know how the story goes, Drake gets the ring and is chased across the rooftops before Sully eventually saves his ass when caught.

However, it’s when the game throws you outside that this scene really spreads its visual wings. Shadow and lighting has been perfected and the vibrant colors of Columbia really popped, even in 2011. Bringing this moment to the current day, with its cinematic chases, sun parched streets, and Drake’s environmental interactions, is going to be a nostalgic moment for fans everywhere.

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